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    The Definitive Doc Watson (2 CDs)
    The Definitive Doc Watson (2 CDs) 

    Release date - July 16, 2013

    The Definitive Doc Watson serves as either an introduction for the uninitiated or as an overview for the previously enlightened. This set is the first compilation to jointly anthologize the Vanguard Records and Sugar Hill Records periods of Watson’s discography. Watson recorded many of his top albums on the Vanguard and Sugar Hill record labels, so there is a vast catalog of music available to choose from when it came to putting together this rich collection. Covering the years 1962-2005, this compilation allows one to experience how singular a force of American music he was.

    Disc 1:
    The Cyclone of Rye Cove
    2. St. Louis Blues
    3. The House Carpenter
    4. The Wagoner's Lad
    5. Anniversary Blue Yodel (Blue Yodel #7)
    6. Sitting On Top of the World
    7. Black Mountain Rag
    8. Country Blues
    9. Weary Blues
    10. Little Sadie
    11. Dream of the Miner's Child
    12. Southbound
    13. Tennessee Stud
    14. Blue Railroad Train
    15. Georgie
    16. Katie Morey
    17. Matty Groves

    Disc 2:
    Whistlin' Rufus/Ragtime Annie
    2. Big Spike Hammer
    3. Listening to the Rain
    4. Willie Moore
    5. My Rough and Rowdy Ways
    6. The Wreck Of The Number Nine
    7. Omie Wise
    8. Shady Grove
    9. Watson's Blues
    10. Slidin' Delta
    11. Bright Sunny South
    12. Greenville Trestle High
    13. I'm Going Back To The Old Home
    14. George Gudger's Overalls
    15. The Ninety And Nine
    16. Your Lone Journey
    17. Whiskey Before Breakfast

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