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    Nickel Creek - Nickel Creek
    Nickel Creek - Nickel Creek 
    Released March 21, 2000

    NICKEL CREEK is the appealing debut album by this quartet of young bluegrass/folk musicians. Mandolinist Chris Thile kicks things off with a display of virtuosity on "Ode to a Butterfly," negotiating the twists and turns of the melody with seemingly effortless abandon. All four musicians seem incredibly sure-footed and comfortable in each other's company. Bassist Scott Thile shines in an often under-appreciated role--his round sound and perfect intonation provide the harmonic underpinning and subtle rhythmic cushion that lends buoyancy to the ensemble sound.

    1. Ode To A Butterfly
    2. The Lighthouse's Tale
    3. Out of the Woods
    4. In the House of Tom Bombadil
    5. Reasons Why
    6. When You Come Back Down
    7. Sweet Afton
    8. Cuckoo's Nest
    9. The Hand Son
    10. Robin and Marian
    11. The Fox
    12. Pastures New

    Price: $22.99

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