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    Bryan Sutton - Almost Live
    Bryan Sutton - Almost Live 
    Released July 14, 2009

    Though he was already a respected Nashville session player, virtuoso bluegrass guitarist Bryan Sutton became a genre star in the mid-1990s as a member of Ricky Skaggs's much-hailed Kentucky Thunder band. On ALMOST LIVE, Sutton again surrounds himself with a super-group's worth of top notch players, including banjo god Bela Fleck, Nickel Creek mandolin phenom Chris Thile, and dobro legend Jerry Douglas. As the album title suggests, the sound throughout is clear and up-front, as Sutton and crew sail and shred their way through a wide variety of material, including the jaunty, tango-meets-western swing of "Le Pont De La Mustache," the old-timey "Church Street Blues," and the melodic, moody, newgrass guitar/banjo duet workout "Rye Straw Suite." Throughout, Sutton alternates between sensitive accompaniment and jaw-droppingly technical licks, all of which are sure to bring smiles to musicians and casual fans alike.

    Track Listing
    Morning Top 4:24
    2. Big Island Hornpipe 3:48
    3. Rye Straw Suite 4:50
    4. Church Street Blues 3:39
    5. Le Pont De La Moustache 4:45
    6. Dark Island 4:33
    7. Wonder Valley Gals 2:43
    8. Kitchen Girl 3:13
    9. Loretta's Waltz 4:39
    10. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar 3:15

    Price: $13.99

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