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    Nickel Creek - Reasons Why (The Very Best)
    Nickel Creek - Reasons Why (The Very Best) 
    Released November 14, 2006

    Reasons Why demonstrates why Nickel Creek developed from three kids playing bluegrass in a pizza parlor in California to one of the most phenomenally successful, musically important acoustic groups in recent decades. Reasons Why juxtaposes songs from their three highly acclaimed albums to weave a thread of continuity from the gentle, lilting beginnings of hits like ''Lighthouse's Tale'' to trailblazing instrumentals including ''Smoothie Song'' to full-on acoustic rock of ''Helena'' and back to ''When you Come Back Down. Reasons Why includes the band's most popular songs and all of Nickel Creek's videos on one CD and one DVD. Includes rare live tracks from 2000, including fan favorites ''You Don't Have To Move That Mountain'' and ''The Fox/Subterranean Homesick Blues'' medley. Nickel Creek won a Best Contemporary Folk Album Grammy for this side.

    Track Listing
    The Lighthouse's Tale
    2. Out Of The Woods
    3. When In Rome
    4. Helena
    5. Smoothie Song
    6. Somebody More Like You
    7. Reasons Why
    8. Can't Complain
    9. I Should've Known Better
    10. This Side
    11. Jealous Of The Moon
    12. When You Come Back Down
    13. You Don't Have To Move That Mountain
    14. The Fox

    Price: $13.99

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