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    Reckless Kelly - Reckless Kelly Was Here
    Reckless Kelly - Reckless Kelly Was Here  Released August 8, 2006

    Reckless Kelly Was Here is a recorded event that - in addition to being welcomed by the band's rabid, very loyal, and rowdy fan base - provides folks a chance to see and hear what Texas Music is, and what ''Getting Reckless!'' is really all about! Recorded on March 31, 2006 at La Zona Rosa, Austin, Texas, this taut live set highlights the Austin quintet's energetically brash blend of tequila-soaked vocals, blistering guitars, driving rhythm, and infectious melody. In addition to capturing their live charisma, the accompanying DVD also spotlights Reckless Kelly's penchant for comedy with hilarious bonus footage that includes ''Reckless Kelly's Tips From The Road!'' Includes two new studio tracks: 'Break My Heart Tonight' and 'Wiggles & Ritalin'.

    Track Listing
    Disc: 1

    1. Sixgun
    2. Castanets - Reckless Kelly, Escovedo, Alejandro
    3. Motel Cowboy Show
    4. I Still Do
    5. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning - Reckless Kelly, Thompson, Richard
    6. Seven Nights in Eire
    7. Break My Heart Tonight
    8. Nobody's Girl
    9. Hey Say May/Guacamole
    10. Vancouver

    Disc: 2
    1. Wiggles & Ritalin
    2. Wild Western Windblown Band - Reckless Kelly, Hauser, Bruce
    3. Baby's Gone Blues
    4. Wicked Twisted Road
    5. Crazy Eddie's Last Hurrah
    6. Revolution - Reckless Kelly, Lennon, John
    7. Break My Heart Tonight
    8. Wiggles & Ritalin

    Price: $24.99

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