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    Nickel Creek - Why Should The Fire Die?
    Nickel Creek - Why Should The Fire Die? 
    Released August 9, 2005

    Why Should the Fire Die? is Nickel Creek's first album without Alison Krauss in the producer's chair, and on it, the trio's genre-expanding acoustic music has shifted even farther away from its bluegrass origins. The opening 'When in Rome' perfectly encapsulates the aggressive approach the band favors, and features poetic lyrics far more obtuse than those of most groups with similar roots. The disc's first half stays rooted in a fairly conventional folk mode, with a lovely cover of Bob Dylan's 'Tomorrow Is a Long Time' (one of the few solo vocal turns from fiddler Sara Watkins) and 'Jealous of the Moon' (cowritten with the Jayhawks' Gary Louris).

    "...Boasting instrumental chops and three-part harmonies worthy of a mountain-soul string band..." - Entertainment Weekly

    Track Listing
    When In Rome
    2. Somebody More Like You
    3. Jealous of the Moon
    4. Scotch & Chocolate
    5. Can't Complain
    6. Tomorrow Is A Long Time
    7. Eveline
    8. Stumptown
    9. Anthony
    10. Best of Luck
    11. Doubting Thomas
    12. First and Last Waltz
    13. Helena
    14. Why Should The Fire Die?

    Price: $13.99

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